General Questions

Below is a list of answers to commonly asked questions. This should be the first place you look for answers to your questions.

Do I Need a Customer Number from the USPTO?

Yes. While you won’t need to enter the Customer Number into PAIRdownloader, you will need MyUSPTO account associated with the Customer Number to access Private PAIR.

How does PAIRdownloader download Private PAIR documents?
PAIRdownloader utilizes your MyUSPTO username and password you enter to automatically log into the USPTO website. Once logged into PAIRdownloader, you will then follow the below instructions:

  • Copy e-Office Action E-mail. Open the e-Office Action E-mail you receive from the USPTO, highlight the entire body of the e-mail (e.g. ), right-click on the highlighted text and then select the Copy action which copies the body of the e-mail to your clipboard.
  • Submit Copied E-mail to PAIRdownloader. In PAIRdownloader, you can either push the Submit Copied e-Office Action button or go to File and then select Submit Copied e-Office Action Email which will then submit the copied e-mail to PAIRdownloader. You should see a listing of the Private PAIR documents to be downloaded along with their respective download status.
Does PAIRdownloader work on Apple products?

Not at this time.

What computer operating systems does PAIRdownloader work on?

PAIRdownloader works on most Microsoft based operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

What will I need to install PAIRdownloader?
You will need to set up a MyUSPTO account with the USPTO. If you are support staff, you will also need to be sponsored by your patent practitioners.
How many licenses do I have to order?

PAIRdownloader is licensed based on the total number of patent practitioners in your law firm. There is no additional fee for paralegals or support staff. For example, if your law firm has 6 patent attorneys, 2 patent agents, 5 paralegals and 5 support staff, you will need a license for 8 patent practitioners.

What if a patent attorney or patent agent will not be using PAIRdownloader?

The subscription pricing for PAIRdownloader is based on the total number of patent practitioners in the law firm, regardless if they directly use PAIRdownloader or not. The reason for this is that PAIRdownloader will be downloading all e-Office Action program documents for all patent practitioners in the law firm, so at least one support staff person will be accessing the patent practitioner’s Private PAIR documents.

What is the yearly subscription fee for PAIRdownloader?

The yearly subscription fee for PAIRdownloader is $99 per year for each patent practitioner in the law firm.

Do we need additional licenses for paralegals and support staff?
No. Paralegals, legal secretaries and other support staff are allowed to use PAIRdownloader as part of the firm’s license based on the number of patent practitioners.
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