PatentHunter Support

Problem with PatentHunter? Here are Two Common Reasons:

1. Using Older Version of PatentHunter. The USPTO website is sometimes updated requiring corresponding changes to PatentHunter®. You need to download and install the latest version of PatentHunter to ensure proper functionality of the program. To ensure that you have the latest version of PatentHunter installed, go to our Download Section (to see your current version, go to Help/About).
2. USPTO Website Not Working. If you are running the latest version of PatentHunter (see above) but are still encountering download/searching problems, this may be related to the USPTO website having server problems. To verify this, simply (i) go to the USPTO Website and (ii) enter a patent number you are having problems with. If you receive an error message from the website, try again in an hour or so (once the USPTO website is operating again, PatentHunter will then be able to download/search patents again).

Still having problems? View our Knowledge Base for further guidance:

If the above does not address your issue, then please complete the form below to submit your support issue. We attempt to contact all support inquiries the same day via e-mail or telephone if possible.