General Questions

Below is a list of answers to commonly asked questions. This should be the first place you look for answers to your questions.

I can’t open/view the downloaded trademarks?

Make sure you have an Internet browser program that is able to view HTML files. An HTML file viewer is required to view trademarks downloaded with TrademarkHunter (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome).

How do I open a trademark image?

Once you have downloaded a trademark, you can simply double-click the trademark document and the trademark record should load within your Internet browser separate of TrademarkHunter. You can also right-click the trademark then select Open Document. Alternatively, if you click on the patent document once, it will open in the preview pane located on the lower right of the TrademarkHunter software interface.

How do I delete trademarks from TrademarkHunter?

You can right-click upon the trademark then select Delete Documents. If you want to delete all of the trademarks in a folder of TrademarkHunter, you can press CTRL-A when in the directory, then right-click and select Delete Documents.

When I perform a trademark search with TrademarkHunter, no trademarks are found. What am I doing wrong?

If you are having a difficult time searching for trademarks using TrademarkHunter, the USPTO web site could be having problems or the search query you are entering may not be proper.

How do I know the status of a trademark?

To verify the status of a trademark, simply right-click upon the record and select USPTO Status and Documents.

Who owns TrademarkHunter?

Neustel Software, Inc. (Neustel Software, Inc. is owned by Neustel Law Offices, LTD) owns TrademarkHunter.

How do I find trademark practitioners?

You can do searches for trademark practitioners on various websites such as

If you haven’t yet found the solution to your problem please visit our Support Page and fill out the form to further detail the issue you are running into.