TrademarkHunter Support

Below is a list of answers to commonly asked questions. This should be the first place you look for answers to your questions.

I have installed TrademarkHunter, but I cannot download or search trademarks?

1. You have incorrectly entered a trademark number that does not exist. SOLUTION: Re-enter the trademark number correctly.
2. The trademark database section of the USPTO web site is having problems. SOLUTION: Attempt to download the trademark again or wait a couple of hours for the USPTO to fix the problem. If you are still having problems, you can then attempt to download the trademark image during a “non-peak” usage time such as late evening or early morning.
3. Your Internet service is not working. SOLUTION: Call your Internet Service Provider or Network Administrator.
4. You have firewall that is “blocking” TrademarkHunter from accessing the Internet. SOLUTION: Adjust the settings of the firewall software to allow TrademarkHunter to access the Internet. (TrademarkHunter uses the proxy settings through “Internet Explorer settings”.) If you have a software firewall on your computer (e.g. ZONEALARM, NORTON), you may need to “allow” TrademarkHunter to access the Internet by adjusting your settings. Contact your software vendor for more information on how to adjust these settings.

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